Art Heritage is a family establishment that dates back to 1920 birthing along the way 4 generations of art and design devotees. We are a furniture design and production company that creates an art so original and incomparable, with innovation that is unmatchable in the 21st century, because of all the precision and ingenuity required. We produce handmade replicas of classic masterpieces that originated in the old eras through the 14th up to the 19th century In addition, we produce pieces and sets of our own designs, on which we have international recognition. Art Heritage typically handles turnkey projects on humongous scales in Egypt. the MENA region and Europe because of the limitless trust from all clients all over the world. On that note, it is with pride that we present Eng. Mohamed Sherif. as a winner of the Certificate of Excellence and the A’Design Award in Milan, Italy several times.

Eng. Mohamed Sherif, “Art Heritage” C.E.O., is an heir to a family of artists, where almost every member practiced and appreciated fine arts. He definitely had a brilliant heritage as his family business in furniture making dates back to 1920.
Eng. Mohamed is rooted to truly talented ancestors, being a grandson to Eng. Youssef Khafagi, the Head Of Antiquities Restoration Department at the Supreme Egyptian Council of Antiquities. Eng. Khafagi did the ancient Egyptian mummies, temple walls’ restoration job himself; where he treated Pharaonic golden monuments and precious stones.

The chair in the picture is one of the earliest products of Eng. Mohamed Sherif family business, designed by his grandfather Eng. Youssef Khafagi. Eng. Mohamed’s mother and his uncles have been professional practitioners of fine arts in different fields. “Art Heritage”, the company name, is the expression of the inherited art in the familfs generations. Eng. Mohamed Sherif enrolled in the furniture business at the age of 16, in his uncle’s furniture factory and started designing at a very young age, as he possessed enough talent to place him among much older designers. He became the Chief of the Designing Department in the factory at the age Of 17, and continued until he started his own furniture making business. Eng. Mohamed polished his talent with academic education; he completed his diploma in interior decorating from U.S.A. Eng. Mohamed’s designs have always been truly appreciated especially when he introduced his Art Nouveau style design for a palace door at the International Design Award, A’Design Award, Italy. His designs for the Art Nouveau style door and The Royal Handle earned him the award in 2010-2011, 2014-2015 and 2016-2017 competitions.


About DAC – Design Classifications

This is to certify that on March 25, 2019, Mohamed Amin Sherif was ranked #3 from the top, among all designers who have contested in the Limited Edition and Custom Design Award in the last 11 years, organized by the A’ Design Award & Competition. The A’ Design Award & Competition is the World’s largest design competition with entries from all countries and over a hundred design categories. The DAC – Design classification system ranks only the very best. award-winning designers and brands in sector-specific design award categories in order to highlight the top creatives in a given design field.

Art Nouveau Door

Eng. Mohamed Sherif, Art Heritage’s key person, is a highly talented artist with an academic background in interior design. His design for the palace door earned him the International Design Competition 2010-2011 A’design Award, Italy. Art Nouveau is a special philosophy in the decorative arts most popular during 1890-1910. The art is characterized by natural forms in sinuous and organic shapes, described as “sudden violent curves generated by the crack of a whip”. It is a total art in all ways of  life representing dynamic flowing motifs, flames & shell textures. Noted practitioners are Carlo Bugatti (1856— 1940), Eugene Gaillard (1862—1933), Louis  Majorelle (1859-1926).

Royal Handle

This Door handle, designed by Eng. Mohamed Sherif, The chief designer of Art Heritage. Hand cast in bronze with dense flowing lines inspired by Art Nouveau Style, with a precious stone inlaid.

Art Nouveau Desk

Eng. Mohamed Sherif introduces a masterpiece of his own design and production to present the extravagant style and craftsmanship mastery of Art Heritage. Eng. Mohamed was inspired by the Art Nouveau lines in designing this majestic desk, the lines on the front and corners amplify the art philosophy adopted and the ultra-high level of details speaks of the skills & talent of Art Heritage staff

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